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Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

HLTC02H3 Women and Health Past and PresentWinter 2012LEC01 LEC02Lecture 7Women and DisabilityISocial ExclusionaGroups who experience a form of social exclusion tend to have high health risks and lower health status There is an association between being in poverty status and disability There is also a healthy immigrant effect Those who are disabled are also likely to be living in poverty They develop chronic conditions hypertension heart disease diabetes Maybe all 3 Marginal status in society serious situation and they are denied full participation This makes them much worse off Anyone with a minority status is often stigmatized and there are stringent requirements made towards them Rather than having society meet their needs we require them to meet our standards It is like a mark of distinction they are not accepted in Canadian society Certain groups seem to be barred from full participation Discrimination and racism Makes them sick poorer health statuses Not just an insult but an insult ot their bodies Doesnt just go away How often do they think about it All the time Social exclusion is the process and it is also an outcome Rooted in social democratic social traditionsiAboriginal peoples1Immigrants and refugees2Radicalized groups3People with disabilities4Single parents5Children and youth in disadvantaged conditions6Women7Elderly unpaid caregivers8Gays lesbians bisexuals and transgendered populations
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