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HLTC02H3 Women and Health Past and PresentWinter 2012LEC01 LEC02Lecture 10Big Pharma and WomenWitchcraft associated with womenIProfile of Pharmaceutical Industry in CanadaaMake a lot of money powerful economic interest in the USbDevelops drugs while making a lot of moneyscSizable increases on pharmaceuticals by governments 7 jumps to 14dMultitude of drug options over the generics People prefer the brand names over the generic drugs but they are not necessarily bettereFar more in profits than other sectors Earn almost twice of what other sectors earned manufacturing in 1996fDark underbelly of pharmaceutical companies manufacture drugs and make up diseases that their drugs are supposed to countergDrugs cost more than physicians in hopsitals of recent Very important cost for health spending Spending on drugs is equal to what is spent in hospitalshModicum of gain from new medications Old medications are just as effective but they may not be marketed as much as the newer drugs howeveriSome drugs were important for curbing death rates from infectious disease but it did not outright curb poverty It did help with mortality and people did not die of conditions that they once had Really important development living conditions overall were improving to some degreejinitial spread of HIVAIDS were death sentences but after the introduction of drugs the death rates did drop Made an important contribution to the treatment of aids At least in Canada us developed countries people who contract aids tend to live longer than they would have before the invention of these drugskMost new drugs dont represent any significant therapeutic advantage But there is a pressure to get new drugs onto the market only remove if they are proved to be lMore money is generally spent on marketing and advertisement than RD
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