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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

Social exclusion Groups who experience a form of social eclusion tend to have high health risks and lower health status Aboriginal pple immigrants and refugees single parents pple with disabilities women elderly unpaid categories children and youth in disadvantaged conditions gays lesbians bisexuals and transgendered populationsSocial exclusion refers to structures and processes of inequality among groups in society which shape access to resources the influence quality of membership in society and result in unequal outcomes Four aspects of social exclusion social exclusion from civil society through legal sanction social exclusion is denial of economic and social resources to particular groups ie vunerable groups exclusion from social production economic exclusion from social consumption unable to housing employment health care Life expectancymarginalized based on race is lowest in metis population Reg Indian greater risk in suicide and chronic diseases like heart diseases and type 2 diabetes also unemployment rate is much higher living in poverty not getting proper education The work experiences of men and woman of groups is similar Ethnoracial populations tend to have high unemployment rates or work parttime race and gender is important to rememberkey terms buddie P
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