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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Health Studies
Emily Fountas

When we start to understand from one thing that has been excluded (women), that kind of attitude that had been excluded to the point that we had jeopardized our own survival Warren Point 1: Domination is domination, whether it be women, young children, animals- the kind of thinking impression is common- to dominate a human being is different than dominating a rock Dominating a rock could be moving the rock, dominating a tree can be cutting down a tree or to prune a tree Dominating dogs, when we take a breed, Afghan hound, breed its skull to be even more longer and thinner, to the point that its brain is so small and become difficult to train Domination can be slavery, removal or people Point 4: if we are going to see women as oppression. Rural land being used for cash crops, if women are the ones doing the farming, they will have nothing to farm, and it will be the womens fault If we can rethink our relationship and not just our relationship and what are we, but what are we in relation to nature and how can change as women and men and in relation to each other In a world that is equal and free Oppressive conceptual is keeping us from doing that Oppressive conceptual frameworks 1. Value hierarchical thinking Tends towards hierarchy We have a tendency towards prescription- judging, instead of description- value, free, assessment Can do it in terms of various different criteria It is arbitrary- we make them up, nothing is better than something esle, more beautiful, more useful, more necessary Arbitrary vs. Necessary Necessary means it is there to ensure survival Arbitrary is there to ensure the survival those with more power and money (ie. Male order to society) Many women like to flatten the hierarchy, take about issues that the executives do, and a consensus is taken, try to cooperate Men like to manage in a hierarchy style, dont care about consensus 2. Value dualisms Everything is based on goodbad, true untrue Eitheror thinking Instead of eitheror thinking, can have andand thinking- both parties benefit 3. Logic of domination Seem to have a moral of superiority to it Doesnt always have to have moral of superiority Not saying that it is morally better, but because for now, it is better Sometimes there is nothing wrong with hierarchy Point 8: But keeps putting the same status quo on the hierarchy- then that becomes a problem Then we have some form of social oppression
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