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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Health Studies
Emily Fountas

Do I Look Fat? Try to make that womens shape is not desirable, not healthy, not to be induldge in The marketing industry is primarily responsible for the problematic and dangerous body image that women, globally, are attempting to emulate Need to examine the validity of this claim There were ideas about how to speak, behaviour, beauty, put in place before any marketing mechanisms were put in place Has beauty ideals put in place Western corset wearing- women should have a tiny waist, some women had surgery to remove two lower ribs, because they could not attain small waist even with corset So tight that even some women collapsed because they cannot breathe Foot binding in China, produced a tiny foot which was considered to be beautiful These beauty ideals were sometimes less oppressive Are marketers primarily responsible for creating these beauty ideals or are they simply just magnifying what beauty is With rise of second wave of feminism, meant for women to be joining the male work- when women were allowed into t
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