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Lecture 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Emily Fountas

Lecture 1 Margaret Keatings- Feminist Theory Two premises accepted as key to feminist thinking: o Female and male experiencesbodiessocialization are not identical o Male perspectives are dominant, female perspectives often marginalized, muted, simple unrecognized Feminist: anyone who acts to give voice to these different female, perspectives, attempts to balance or integrate male and female perspectives, who promote feminine over masculine perspectives Liberal Feminism Concerned with equality of women and equitable distribution of wealth, position, power Concerned with social, political, economic forces that channel women into roles Affirm individual choice and urge equal rights for women and reform of systems to ensure inclusion of women Emphasizes rights and freedom, seeks to replace patriarchal protection of male freedoms and limitations with equal rights for women- e.g. since men can father children late into years, women should have right to access to post-menopausal infertility treatment Strategies: providing greater educational opportunities for women, ensuring women have access to male-dominated professions and implementing legislation that ensures equality for women Social Feminism Examine cultural institutions that contribute to oppression of women and relationship between private sphere of home and public domain of productive work Focus primarily on role of economic oppression in womens lives Argue that equity will never be attained until changes made to structures such as patriarchal family, motherhood, housework, influence distribution of power, wealth, privilege Social and political structures must change so womens responsibilities within home, traditional
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