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Lecture 6

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Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

NAME: JACOB KIRETI 996779295 HLTC02H3 In Chapter 7, Reid (2007) notes that in Canada and internationally, women are increasingly vulnerable to poverty. Even though the life expectancy of women in Canada is 7 years greater than that of men, women suffer greater burdens of morbidity, distress, and disability. Women, children, and people of colour suffer death and illnesses at a disproportional higher rate than those who are not poor. For women in Canada, poverty stems from labour market inequities, domestic circumstances, and welfare systems. Material deprivation affects access to health promoting resources, as well as nutrition. Stress and depression are noted effects of poverty, because sustaining basic subsistence is a struggle in itself. Reid (2007) provides startling case study to illustrate the severity of pov
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