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Lecture 9

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Health Studies
R Song

HLTC05 Lecture 9  Biological diffs o Area that still needs a lot of research o Males/females have different predisposition to disease, different health outcomes o Females have greater inflammatory response following infection by the flu o Gender as a social determinant of health  Interlinked with biological and social determinants  Males – linear relation between SES and social hierarchy with health outcomes  Predict health outcome based on SES – straightforward explanation for MALES, females don’t exhibit it as clearly  Female health more complex, interaction of bio and social factors  Gender roles change over time, not static  Historical contingency has to be considered  Patriarchy: social system whereby women are subordinated, lower in status/power than men...  Patrilineal – property and title inherited by males only  Patriarchy integrated into all aspects of life o Gender paradox  Females on average live longer, but more likely to experience those years as unhealthy ones  Explanation: behaviour of males, they do more risky things (warfare,drugs) o Cultural factors in female health  Unequal access to
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