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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
R Song

FILM 4 When the Bough Breaks  Why do African American children weigh less/premature than white children?  What accounts for the differences  SES differences b/w whites and African americans  Gap actually widens when SES improves – maybe its lifelong miniority status  Black female –child bearing health  Whats behind low birth weight? Inequal treatment of African americans in American society – RASCISM is taking toll on children, idea that is slowly gaining acceptance  Kim Anderson –black executive/lawyer, well paid and good health, newborn was premature by 2 months, 1/14 babies have high risk of dying before age 1, high SES  live longer and fewer health probs  Best predictor for healthy pregnancy is high education  Infant mortality is a problem of whitndchildren too  High price of premature babies – 2 leading cause of death, survival  learning problems, diabetes, coronary artery disease, high cost of medical care, 1 month stay in neonatal care =60 000 dollars  African am women with college degree have worse infant mortality rate than white women with hs diploma  Is it genetic? Prematurity runs in families? o Study compared newborns of African women, immigrant africans, and whites o African immigrants to US, it takes only one generation before their daughters have premature babies o 1960s 70s –health of africans improve overall, education opps better jobs and housing by govts, began to catch up with whites , mortality declined – social
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