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Week 9: HIV/AIDS During Discussions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What is Learned Helplessness? It is the belief of an individual that they will always remain at the bottom of the gradient.  Needing help of others Readings/Lecture 1. 2 ways we can view HIV/AIDS from a syndemical perspective a. Syndemical co-infection with TB b. Syndemical relationship of infectious disease with social environment and social relationships: the interaction of microparasitism(HIV virus) and macroparasitism (preying on humans by others) social stratification has brought us unequal risk for exposure to, and infection by, various microparasites like HIV macroparasites came with the end of hunter gatherer times to intro of food productions  A conquerer can seize food from those produced it  Class structure institutionalized macroparasitism  Result of macroparasites put those less fortunate at greater risk of exposure and infection of microparasites like HIV 2. Proximate Vs. Ultimate causes of HIV spreas Proximate  Sexual practices and attitude  Beliefs of contraception (condom use)  Intravenous drug use  Medical incompetence (misuse of needles, contaminated blood products, poor screening) Ultimate  3. What ways did U.S. facilitate the early spread of HIV?  government indifference/obstructionism  de
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