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HLTC05 Lecture 2Wednesday May 22 20131217 PMCue ColumnNoteTaking AreaCultural HistoricalDeterminants of HealthHistorical perspective of healthEvol or historical perspectiveLookall levels of interactionAnthro brings historical perspectiveBiocultural perspectiveCritical medical anthroAnthros contributionsCulture sig factor of healthDiff cultures have diff views of medicine Have relative perspective contextPopulation healthPay attn to individual win popIndi can do something against what culture expectsIllnessconditions according to cultureshave ideanot westernbiomed perspectiveChange over time not static perspective Can change when enviro psych soc etc changesHistorical contingencyThink about indi health and health discrepancy as long historical processLifelong not short termWho is includedexcluded whyWhy do they exist persistAnthro contributes to public healthAddress groups whove been historically marginalizedWhos not considered in health statsWomen minoritiesAsk why excludedCritical medical anthro CMABio and culture intertwineBeyond recognizing differencesThey do something about itActive role in social change Strategies at community govt levelsWhy is there inequality and how does that effect health patternsUltimate goal reduce health discrepancyInequality coming in diff formsSocial structuresTrapped in role job etc very rigidInequalityIdeally structural violenceDiff forms of inequalityCause violence directly or indirectly Check slide for inequalities Social Inequality Armelagos et al MacroparasitismResult of 1 group parasitize other ppl1 group doing better taking resources for their benefit while others sufferPovertyliving enviroInequalitydiff win ppl living in same society Though poverty decreases inequality increasingHLTC05 Page 1
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