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HLTC05 Lec 8 11/6/2012 9:16:00 AM Film assignment: Come up with a question – descriptive/analytical (2 bonus marks) HIV AIDS and the Global System  Global epidemic problem, the most significant health problem for humans in late 20 thcentury  Risk groups increasingly including marginalized, under poverty  Have to look at it from a cultural lens  biological reality a lot of people have died (30 mil)  we do see though we have been able to control rates since 1980s, new drugs  figures for infected/deaths are stabilized  issue that is pandemic – in all areas of world  focus: social conditions that allow for this, not so much the pathogen  governent leadership, SES  resulted in shortened life expectancy (40years)  tied to economic development issue, people aren’t able to work because AIDS effects most prime time of their lives no progress  long term consequences  SYNDEMIC with TB – Twin epidemics (diseases of poverty), work best together in terms of causing most morbidity/mortality, have ability to become pandemic  Syndemic – two diseases co existing o Sydemical co infection with TB o Syndemical relationship with social environment/relations (microparasite  macroparasite –humans preying on humans…rich abusing/exploiting marginalized/poor)  Social stratification brings unequal risk for exposure to and infection by, various microparasites of HIV  HIV is a new disease for humankind, consider emergent one, and reemergent one….emerged because of human culture  HIV origin in SIV (monkey virus)….jungles in Africa where humans are in contact with the monkeys/primates who were harbouring this virus …came into contact (butchered) with them, acquired the virus  Emergence – when public health has actually recognized it, think about the context – it only applies to someone who is ABLE to go to a doctor for the disease, therefore we can never know when this disease actually emerged ….disease of human making  Government inaction – media disinterest, budget cuts, failed leadership  Poverty  more stress  Material things of culture  protection from stress  Opportunistic infection because o
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