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HLTC05 – WEEK 12 FALL 2012 Reading: Farmer & Gastineau – “Rethinking Health and Human Rights: Time for a Paradigm Shift” - Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – underlines social and economic rights o Standard of living, food, clothing, housing, medical care and social services, right to security in sickness, unemployment, widowhood, old age, or disability o Russian Prisoners + TB  Drug Resistance, Over Crowing, Epidemic, Coughing  MDRTB(multi-drug resistant drugs) are not untreatable, just need to treat with drugs  - A narrow legal approach to health and human rights can obscure the nature of violations, thereby enfeebling our best responses to them Pragmatic Solidarity: A Synergy of Health and Human Rights - Public Health and Access to Medical Care are social and economic rights - Farmer: I do not subscribe to cultural relativism when it comes to violations of human dignity just because they are a long-standing tradition - Violence against individuals is embedded in entrenched structural violence - Pragmatic Solidarity: the raid deployment of our tools and resources to improve the health and well-being of those who suffer this violence - Solidarity: desire to make common cause with those in need - We need to move from sentiments to actions How Far Has the Human Rights Movement Come? - Health and Human Rights is in its infancy - International human rights is a modern phenomenon beginning with Nuremberg trials - Torture: widely acknowledged as a norm against it, but most states still engage in it - Unequal pay for work between developing and developed work o Nike, Disney - Haiti and Argentina o Wednesday death flights o Democratically elected leader 1990, military coup 1991 - Disclosure is the first step against impunity - Health and Human Rights can provide a new angle that is desperately needed Can One Merely Study Human Right Abuses? - People don’t wish to be studied - Studying people – does it help them or the system? - A placebo is a placebo is a placebo - Spirit of service delivery makes all the difference o Can be service delivery or pragmatic solidarity o “There can be no peace of mind without peace for belly HLTC05 – WEEK 12 FALL 2012 - Our first loyalties are to the poor and vulnerable - Documenting human rights abuses is tricky and requires a great deal of research and analysis - Haiti military created via an act of US Congress and US funded much money into it - Paramilitary groups in Haiti and Mexico are linked to US government ac
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