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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

HLTC07 Lecture 1 Epidemiology DemographyPublic Health Intro PY Date Sept 12 2012Course emphasis is on using demographic and epidemiological techniqueshow to use these tools to examine patterns of health diseasefocus on global patterns but well also look at regional patternsBe able to recommend things that would improve the health of populationsChronic illnesses diabetes etcth Email Janet Roopnamarasingh about coursemention 4 yr student dont have prereqMidterm week of Oct 15Slide 7Epidemiology demography and public healthhow are they related interrelated What do they each mean What does each focus onEpidemiology addresses human populations wrt their health anything related to the frequency of ill health o Incidences prevalences case fatality rates etcthese are all epidemiological measurestheyre frequency of an event happening thats health related anything related to disease death or injury o Were trying to quantify frequency see what the rate of occurrence ishow fast is it propagating in a certain population o Anything that takes the form of a state anything that stays with a person for a whileprevalenceproportion of individuals afflicted by the illness at a particular time divided by the entire population that is exposed to somethingsusceptible to the illness o If it takes the form of an event something that occurs at some point in timeperson gets sick then gets betterits an event as opposed to a health state then its referred to by incidencesHappening at certain point in time not referring to something that ppl are living withIncidenceproportion of individuals in population that receive the illness at a particular timerate of incidence exof contacts that were in contact with a certain communicable disease got it at a certain pointContact becomes an incident rate o Incidence density theof cases that are occurringdiagnosed in a given amount of population time ex 10000 personyearsCalculating relative to the expectancy of a human person will live 80 yrs go on with no cancer incidence densitygives an idea at one point in time of a human populationat a certain yr someone gets the diseaseIncidence densityhow dense is it in a population But it takes into account ppls lifetimes life expectancy o Incidence ratehow many ppl get it in a certain popn VS incidence densityin terms of a populationyear event Slide 8Features of Epidemiology o Endemic normal expectancy rates in a certain place o Epidemic Exceeds the norm o Pandemic If it exceeds the norm and becomes global health problem 1
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