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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Michelle Silver

HLTB01 Lecture 10 November-13-12 3:00 PM Cue Column: Note-Taking Area: Stress, Social Support, and Research Methods Continued • Stress ○ Is harmful to health ○ Can help live longer • System-level theories of aging ○ Bio perspective  Stress □ Exposure to chronic stress accelerates aging process --> shortens lifespan • Caloric restriction ○ When calories restricted, increase in lifespan ○ How stress may accelerate lifespan ○ Caveat: research done on mice  Diff: can create clones of mice • Definitions of STRESS ○ Strain  Physiological state ○ Stressor  Characteristic of environment which is bothersome □ Ex. Traffic ○ Transaction  Encounter stress arising from combo of individual vulnerabilities and environmental resources ○ Stage of life can affect  Example: losing job □ If in teen years, not big issue; If later in life (with kids etc.), can be devastating • Health & Stress ○ Result in heart disease ○ Temporary increases in cardiovascular disease  Promotes atheroscleroitic & atheriosclerotic processes  Impairs immune functioning ○ Can help w/ maturation or better growth patterns • Coping with Stress ○ Problem focused  Break problems into smaller pieces --> plan w/ alternatives ○ Emotion focused  Express issues causing stress ○ Seeking social support  Get advice ○ Religious coping  Prayer ○ Making meaning  Find ways of 'finding the good of it'; reframesituation • Caffeine ○ Alkaloid ○ Stimulates  CNS  Cardiac muscle  Respiratory system ○ Delays fatigue ○ Triggers similar response to stress  Cardiac muscle  Respiratory system ○ Delays fatigue ○ Triggers similar response to stress  Similar feelings when under physical stress • Social support ○ Individual health outcomes tied to area you live in • Roseto ○ Town; 1970s, Pennsylvania ○ Recent immigrants from S. Italy ○ CHD in men much lower than surrounding communities  Diet  Community immigrated together □ Shared experience of being from S. Italy □ Acted as a cohesive community ○ Found that when community assimilated, health deteriorated • Social Connectedness & Health ○ Social Cohesion  Measure participation in community affairs  # of community based organizations  High cohesion - better health ○ Social Exclusion  Economic hardship □ Below poverty line
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