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Health Studies
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CHAPTER 12: What is optimal Aging? Optimal aging is more than just good health; it must included notions of adult development as well. Optimal aging allows for the recognition that there may be different ways of aging well, depending on the choices that individual makes. Overwhelming majority of studies predicting health in late life use unidimensional outcome measures such as longevity, avoidance of particular illnesses such as cardiovascular disease or depression, and self-reported health. Thus, most models of optimal or successful aging are multidimensional. Models of optimal aging are teleological, in that they specify a desirable outcome or telos (goals) Rowe and Kahns Model of Successful Aging (model is hierarchical): o 3 components of aging: Avoidance of disease Maintenance of high cognitive and physical function Active engagement with life Avoidance of disease: o Once individuals have survived into later life, their own behaviour plays a much greater role in future longevity. o exposure to toxins accelerates the aging process. Ex: excessive exposure to sun promotes cancer and wrinkles and cataracts and blindness o many are exposed to toxins in their work environments- including agricultural pesticides, benzenes in cleaning solutions, coal dust, and asbestos- that constitute major risk factors for disease and can accelerate aging. o Good nutrition: Mediterranean diet, low in fats and proteins but high in carbohydrates o What constitutes good nutrition for any particular individual depends on a variety of factors, including age, gender, family history of illness, body type, and a host of other factors. o Young, active people flourish on Mediterranean diets o Caloric restriction clearly decelerates the aging process
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