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Chapter 5 Aging of the Skin and Musculoskeletal system The musculoskeletal (MSK) and the skin provide the most obvious signs of aging. SKIN note: helps in maintain homeostasis. Basic Anatomy and Physiology Melanoctyes make melanin which helps protect the skin from damage like sun burn. Langerhan cells make up an important part of the immune system. Age-Related Changes Changes in the hair follicles result in the graying and loss of hair. Wringles are due to the decrease in subcutaneous fat. The skin becomes more likely to bruise and tear and less likely to heal in older age. Disease-Related Processes Xerosis: dry, itchy, red, scaly skin. Risk factors: excessive sun exposure. You need to keep it hydrated so in the winter, when you are inside and warm and dry all the time, it is not good for xerosis. Soborrheic Keratosses: benign old-age spots that are found in older people. They appear more frequently with age. Risk factor: sun exposure. They are non-malignant. Skin Cancer 3 types: o
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