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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Health, Aging and Life Cycle Anna Walsh lec 02 Pamela Clink- neonatal ISU doctor worked in the trauma department, when she was working as a doctor she thought she would never be sick because she was always so used to helping other who are injured etc, but after her accident she was a patient and she was not used to the role of being sick and having other doctors take care of her. She has certain feelings when she was sick and wrote them and these are some things she mentioned. “We forget that we are human, we will have accidents, when I was in the trauma unit as a patient I could see very little but I could hear everything, the trauma unit was very caring and the nurses were always on top of what I needed. But I was not comfortable with the role I was playing and neither was my husband comfortable in the role he was playing. One night I was agitated and I called my husband at midnight when he was home and I asked him if I going to die, the fear and confusion in my mind scared me. But my husband comforted me and I felt better. One other day I heard some nurses talking and they were saying ‘why are we treating her? We should just let her go’ hearing the nurses talking scared me, and the discussion between the nurses was out loud and I wasn’t the only patient that was scared every patient heard and they were all scared. Intellectually all the nurses know that patients are listening, but they do it anyways because of their stressful day and their daily stress. That when I realized that how one discussion can cause sp much fear, not only to the patient but the families and I just imagined how those families were feeling, I myself have talked out loud like that and I wonder how many people I scared and even if I wasn’t talking in that certain context, we just cant forget one thing that patients are always listening” -prof talked about one of her family friends mother was on life support and doctors insisted to take her off life support, but the daughter was a lawyer and said no and today that old lady travels all over the world and is so lively so just imagine if she was taken off of life support (something to keep in mind during assignment) -a change in legislation 150, it is a “family health team” it is a multidisciplinary team which consists of doctors and nurses working together to provide services at home and the use of these teams are now expanding and average net income of doctors in Ontario who have taken part of this “family health team” by 40% from 100 8000$ (one hundred and eight thousand a year) to 200 5000$ (two hundred and five thousand per year) and more and more doctors are becoming interested in joining these teams -efficiency is not only measured in quality but how much it all costs as well, healthcare is a business and it there are budgets for everything (programs services etc) , we don’t have unlimited access to programs and services in healthcare -knowledge of the anatomy of your body helps you a lot too, like when you go to the doctor, if you have knowledge you will at least understand what he’s saying about your treatment etc. -in 2011, there will be a lot of elderly over the age of 65 and the main question is who will take care of them? Before there were traditional families and extended families and elderly were looked after in many different ways and today women are working outside the home and the fertility rates are declining meaning less kids are there to take care of elderly parents and some elderly don’t even have kids etc - so there is a solution that the government has come up with and the motto is “Aging in Place” and they are programs that provide homecare in the comfort of ones home, but there is also a chase behind it which is that it is cheaper for the government to provide services to elderly in their homes rather than long term care institutions which are more costly, - and most elderly prefer to be taken care of in the comfort of their own home rather than long term care facilities -in North America we have forgotten the elderly and before we used to say that “elderly are wise” and prof said something about ‘knowledge comes but wisdom lingers’ -and we are so focused on how to stay young that we make it seem like becoming old is weird or not normal or it’s a disease like for example every magazine you go through it will always have something about how to make those wrinkles go away or how to look 10 years younger and the elderly are always after those product
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