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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB01Lec 3The Canada Health Act is federal legislation that was adopted in 1984 and specifies the conditions in which provincial and territorial health insurance programs must operate in order to receive federal transfer payments under the Canada Health TransferThese conditions include Public administration Comprehensiveness Universality Portability and Accessibility Health Canada 2010The provincial and territorial governments are in turn responsible for managing and delivering their health care services Health Canada 2010Canada Health Actuniversal accessible affordable nonprofitMedicare paid for by taxesMedicare happened bc of ppl who believed that Canadians shouldnt suffer wo health care govt shared costs ofif you allowed ppl to receive medical care and if it were paid for them it would serve as an improved health status for canadiansin 1945 Canadian govt opted for Medicare first province to endorse this was Saskatchewanin 1962 Saskatchewan broughtby 1972 all provinces joined in medicare became a reality for all Canadianswhat is medically insured services this is always changing theres a debate on whether in vitro fertilization should be a medically insured serviceright now its not insured in Ontariothis will possibly change bc in Quebec this is currently insuredTommy Douglaschild of Scottish immigrants at the age of 10 he was hospitalized for knee surgery but his family couldnt afford itonly option for him was amputation as a result a visiting doc offered to do the surgery for free only if his med students were allowed to come and watch him perform the surgerytommys dream was for universal healthcare in Canada in 1945 tommy was elected as an MP in politics and a forerunner inbelieved that medicare should be available to everyone despite financial situation Canada Health Act was adopted in 1948 states criteria for universal coverage for all services wo copaymentpublic administration portability accessibility prov govt should give federal govt on how theyre spending the money each prov n terr should determine its own individual eligibilityeach prov should be able to plan evaluate the delivery of hospital care the services not covered not in Ontario are those not deemed necessary examples
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