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HLTB01 Lec4 Notes

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB01Lec 4Theories of Aging and Demographics of AgingCURRENT EVENTSa British scientist was credited for in vitro On Oct 42010 Robert Edwardsfertilization IVFhe was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine winners of the Nobel Prize receive 15 million USD a degree gold medal Robert Edwards is an 85 yr old professor at the university of Cambridge in England and started working on IVF in the 1950s he developed IVF by removing eggs from woman fertilizing them outside the body and thenimplanting them into the womb in 1978 Louise Brown became the first baby born through this procedure in Britain Edwards was working as physiologist in the 1990s beforehe started his research by experimenting on rabbitsIVF stirred up a lively ethical debatecurrently facing opposition from the Vatican and governmentsalso a lot of skepticism from colleaguesFertility rates decline when a woman is in her 30sDifficult to conceive passed that agein Quebec the provincial government paid for 3 IVF treatments there is talk that Ontario should do the same thing and should recover costs of this procedure for 3 treatments for women under the age of 42 however Ontario does not cover the costsIVF costs 10000treatment the question now is is IVF medically necessarydespite the doctor shortage in Canada the Cdn govt is unwilling to accept foreign trained doctors according to latest research there is a growing number of Cdn born students who are getting their medical degrees overseas and failing to be certified back in Canada when trying to receive certification there is a 58 passing rate for med grads who have studied overseas compared to 97 passing rate for CanadianUS med grads Pediatricians are recommending a new vaccine for babiesBabys are infected with Rotavirusleading cause of gastroenteritiscauses inflammation of stomach and intestinesleads to diaherraExtremely contagious and cause shock in babies Infants less than 2 are at most risk So in the future babys will be receiving an additional vaccine for RotavirusWe dont play bc were old were old bc we dont play things we need to do for long life need to dream willingness to achievesucceed
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