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Lecture 7

HLTB01 Lec7 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Health and Aging Lecture 7front page of toronto star seniors die hungryresidents of a retirement homedanny henderson died in hospital last winterthey were told initially there were no problems but someone died in julycause of death was starvation in a RETIREMENT HOMEin 2005 one geriatrician for every 5000 americans 65 and olderof 145 medical schools in US only 9 have departments of geriatricsvery few schools in canada and US require geriatric courses for med studentsmed schools dont put much emphasis on geriatricsthere are certain specialities such as cardiology or oncology that are in demandthere is a high satisfaction among geriatricians few med schools require rotations in geriatricsdoctors are managing chronic conditions such as diabetes osteoporosis and dementiathere is riskbenefit analysis that they engage in trying to manage symptomsproblem is that we dont have the specialists we need doctors do not get much money in geriatricsorthopedic surgeon 400 grand whereas a geriatrician is 150 grandemergency room workers dont really know how to address geriatricrelated problemsother doctors as well dont have sufficient training in dealing with the elderlywe need to know how to respond humanly to others problemsMRI servicesmajor canadian hospitals are servicing people to get MRI or CT scans through private health carethere is a loop hole third parties can purchase the rights for CT or MRI scansone toronto man turned over 150 dollars to get an MRI he paid 850 to an insurance company that was the third partyhe got a scan within 2 days as opposed to 2 monthsaccording to news released this weekcreation of medicare in canada was second most significant event in historythe most important key event in canadian history was confederation in 1867in third place was charter of rights and freedoms in 1982 constitutionassociation of canadian studiescanadian patient survey week healthcare organizations have made significant progress in minimizing risk and improving patient safety we are successful in being able to have safe cultures in the way healthcare is being provided communication is doing well medication usehighest compliant scores were doing better hand hygiene education and training infection control guidelines standardizing and limiting the medication concentrationsone of the highest levels of improvement falls prevention strategy
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