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Lecture 8

HLTB01 Lec8 notes

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB01H3 Lecture 8 Health and Aging cannot separate mind from bodyour biomedical system puts healthcare in compartments so if you have hurt your arm youd see an orthopedic specialist which does not assess how it affects the mindif you have a psychological problem therapist would likely not ask about physical problemsmust take a holistic view and look at the person in their entirety body and mindusing humor is important as well laughter is important for stressthe hangover clip showing stresssiegfried and roy are two people that work with tigers stress related jobs tiger attacked one of the peoples throats and both suffered from depressionthe older we get the more losses we have to deal with losses of children grandparents parents financial losses of jobs or businesses loved onessome people lose identity language barrier or new way of living in a new countryelderly must face loss of physical abilityCurrent eventsfalls are most common cause of major injury that requires hospitalization for seniorsfalls are responsible for 15 of all severe injuries to trauma facilities20042008 research increase inof severe injuries of falls in ontario 20 increase from 04 and 08not having enough money causes stress this is stressful for hospital administrators health administrators people can run hospitals they run hospitals and there is a finite amount of money available ontario hospitals have to cover a new expense registered practical nurses and support staff at 60 facilities will be getting an incraese in salaries by 2 problem is that budget awarded to hospitals was only a 15 increase arbitrators 16 000 unionized workers unionized workers are getting increases whereas management and nonunionized workers do not but we dont have the moneyin new year likely layoffs and service cuts will be prominent most probably diet causes stress research this past week shows women who drink 1 or more servings of sugary drinks or orange juice may be increasing risk for developing GOUT gout doesnt normally afflict women so this is a new revelation gout is a type of arthritis and occurs when uric acid crystals form in joints most common in big toe or ankle and causes pain and swelling for someone who has it painful risk of gout increases after menopause and so this research points out that as we age we should be a little more aware of what we eat and drinkdiet soft drinks were not associated with risk of developing goutstress if occuring everyday2 weeks ago someone in apartment on welsley street found a snake in their bedyou cant avoid stress but you can learn to adapt to itsome people respond to stress in different ways overeating alcohol drugssmiling laughing enjoying life are things you can do to deal with stress
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