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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Anna Walsh

November 29 2010HLTB01 Human Health and Aging Lecture 10 its not enough to offer surgery and medication to older people you must also look at their environment and the modifications of ones immediate environment that can be made to make them more self sufficientgovernment wants aging in place which means people age at homesocial support is important to provide people over the age of 65 and is linked to healthy agingin canada many immigrants are part of the older age 65 groupwhen assessing these people english may not be the first languageaside from language barriers there are also cultural barriers where traditions and beliefs of other people are not factored in biomedical model in use today in canadabiomedical model has one approach and rarely looks at who the person is where theyre from and what their traditions and beliefs aredoctors should include family in any decision they makeas we age we lose functional ability and dignity if agist views persistfirst physician assistants are graduating in ontarionew program physician assistance two year program offered at McMaster university21 physician assistants have graduated 60 are currently enrolled in two university programstwo universities offer McMaster and U of T80 physician assistants employed in ontarioetobicoke general hospital had bed bugs problem19501990 there were no reports of bed bugs in canadabetween 19902000 a few reports but nothing to worry about as of yetin last decade weve had a problem that has approached infestation proportions and we know that land lords are facing a big challenge because tenants are complainingsome people think bed bugs happen because people are poorthis is a misconceptionpoverty strucken people do not have a higher riskonly an issue with poverty if they cant hire exterminators people think you are prone to bed bugs if house is dirty this is also a misconceptionbed bugs feed on human blood doesnt matter if house is clean or dirtybed bugs have been found in most clean hospitals and most luxurious hotelsbed bugs do not jump from one person to another if it happens it is rarebed bugs hide in cracks and crevices and at night when its dark they feed on their host then go back to hidingnot known to carry disease no ability to fly or jump small creatures about size of apple seedthey begin life as an egg and go through 5 nymph stages before becoming an adult bed bug 46 weeks from baby bed bug to adult bed bugbed bug females can lay 500600 eggs can have massive infestation within a couple of months
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