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Dec 6 2010Deathdignityy Leadingcauses of death cancer and heart diseasey Cancer has accounted for 30 of deathy Heart disease has accounted for 22y Stroke is the third leading cause accounting for 6y Other causes of deaths in Order1 chronic lower respiratory disease 2 accidents3 diabetes4 alzhimers disease 5 influenza and amonia6 kidney disease and suicidePhysicians assisted suicidey Survey was done and looked at 10 000 docs whom answered a varity of questions related to physicans assisted suicidesy 407 answered NO 458 said YES and 135 said it DEPENDS some docs were upset by the questionsy Physicans and individuals who also think that its good and some say its notCurrent eventsy When it comes to physicians the number working in Canada has been growing in record rate between 20082009 large single year inc in the number of physicans working in Canada in the last two decadesaccording to this report there were 68100 active in Canada with the influx of young medical students and graduates more docs than ever before are going to look at this number and limit the number of people who are thinking about medicinesy Average specialist 323 004 top growist specialist in Alberta optomologiest 700043y People who live to 100 or older have adopted certain life choices their nutrition and diet there has been a tropical fruit leading to better health mango steam is a unique tropical fruit in south east Asia the primary active component is axanthones which are biological active and structural similar to biflaboniv anti inflammatory antiallergic and anti convulsants abilities
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