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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB01 Lecture 8 July 510 Stress causes people to become depressed Article McGill Laura Goody (2 year of med) was inspired at a young age visited causemodrome wanted to become an astronaut when in high school her grandma had cancer watching the stress of her grandma going through the illness she decided to study medicine still plans to pursue a profession in aerospace medicine took a stressful event in her life as an inspiration Medication affect the elderly differently than they affect us when we are younger Current events: A common mix of drugs may prove to be fatal to the elderly Study: patients prescribed an antibiotic to those who also suffer from cardiovascular disease tmp-smx (antibiotic) usually prescribed to the elderly who suffer from urinary tract infection both this antibiotic and CV drugs increase potassium levels the combined effect is toxic - hyper-palemia (high levels of potassium) can lead to abnormal heart rhythm cardiac arrest and then death in the elderly wasnt known before this can be easily avoided if doctors know about this risk can prescribe a different antibiotic We should have e-health so there are no paper trails of what medicationsallergies a person has esp if they have language barriers Deal with stress to find links to our past to
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