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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB01 Lecture 9 July 1210 Govt aging in place (program) to help assess the functioning in elderly Hot in clevelend new show Betty White wore a track suit some lady said whats the deal with old people wearing track suits she replied im dressed for the bathroom need to be comfortable Benjamin Button born as an old man and became a baby in the end of his life people wish that we could live life like that wake up in an old age home and feel better every day We have a fear of aging fear of unknown what awaits us in the end Current events: Issues of safety in the elderlys homes Commercial aircraft with 131 passengers made an emergency landing in WInnpeg after a woman tried to open the emergency hatch plane was on route to Halifax from Calgary 47 yr old assaulted a 77 yr old passenger Loretta Mortim was arrested and faces several charges Canada has been 2 ndin an international comparison of health system performance did worse in a survey of 7 countries done by the common wealth fund Canada faired the worst when in comes to quality of care in 6 place when it comes to efficiency and 5 th when it comes to access and equity could be because Canada has been very slow to implement electronic record systems dont really use electronic records dont have info readily available in computerized form waiting, time, preventive, care and procedures cannot use electronic means about warning their paitents about adverse drug reactions when t
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