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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB01 Lecture 11 July 2610 Final will have more case study questions Current events: Canadian food inspection agency and dats (deli agency of montreal) dont eat smoke meats, pepperoni, and others may be contaminated with lysteria -Lysteriosis is a food borne illness affects ppl who are vulnerable such as the elderly also affects newborns and ppl with weakened immune systems and pregnant women -Pregnant women are 20x more likely to acquire the disease than healthy adults -Lysteriosis is caused by lysteria monositogenesis lysteria can suvive and continue to grow even when in the fridge -Foods contaminated withlysteria will look, smell and taste normally -Lysteria can be killed by proper cooking methods -Dairy products, fish, meat and veggies common foods that lysteria contaminates Ontarios crash stop hospitals more than 13 of ontarios hospitals (38%) spend more money than they take in -Can get a waiver if they come up with a strategy to re-balance the books (get rid of the deficits) -hospitals are supposed to work within their budget -the provinces hospitals receive 80% of funding from the govt and also receive funcing through the lins -more pressure on hospitals to get rid of ppl faster so they can save more money shifting the responisibiltu to the comminutiy (home care support) very little
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