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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB01 Health Aging and the Life Cycle Health Studies University of Toronto at ScarboroughWinter 2011Instructor Anna WalshTerm Winter 2011 Mondays 3 pm 5 pmLecture Room Room AA 112Email hedywalshutorontocaBV 506mon 23 pmMarch 14 2011Chapter 9Mental Health The Interface between Physical and Mental HealthInstitute of life course and aging National initiative of the elderly if they have musculoskeletal pains it may be caused by depressionstress effects the body the most and laughing is the best cureVIDEOBarack has a senior moment Memory can be affected by a variety of problems like mental and physical help It could also be stress a new study said that people in north America are not getting enough sleep The growing reason is because of our use of computers laptops and other devices an hour before going to sleep 95 percent of respondents used electronic devices before bed kids 1318 are the worst offendersthe reason is not only the activities but artificial light over stimulates the brain and doesnt allow melatonin and as a result has difficulty falling asleep Doctor Samuels said that people are connected for 24 hours a day because of all these electronic devices 1 in 10 people are awakened by phone calls emails or text messages almost every night we are being told that we should follow these suggestions and turn off our electronics after 9 o clock Many people are relying on coffee to get through the day they have to nap frequently and that their fatigue is affecting their family life work life and social life sleep is important for the elderly and causes memory problems for old ages besides stress grief and loss medications chronic pain rheumatoid arthiritis all interfere with their ability to sleep All this causes memory loss so you need to make sure you look their other problems Falls are the common type of injuries 1 out 5 admissions in the hospital are caused by thisIn ontario we are dealing with budget problems Look at health care budget of hospitals The government gave a 2 year wage free on the staff in order to get rid of a 20 million budget1
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