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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB01H3S Health Aging and the Life Cycle Department of Health Studies University of Toronto at ScarboroughWinter 2011Instructor Anna WalshTerm Winter 2011 Mondays 3 pm5 pm Lecture Room AA 112Email hedywalshutorontocaPhone 416287 5642Teaching Assistants TBAOffice BV 506Office Hours Mondays 2 pm3 pmMarch 21 2011Stress and Social Support Intranet NotesAG Ch 10 Stress Coping and HealthAG Ch 11 Social Support Health and AgingCurrent eventsEvent number 1If you want to eat certain foods to protect you against cancer and cardiovascular disease and AD that research from uni of Alabama that eating veggies such as cabbage Brussels soy beans broccoli provides enough sulforafen that precents from many cancers may actually prevent from cancer and age related diseases Important studyFood that we eat is very important and serves as foundation as EPIGENETIC DIET diet that can ward off illnesses by surpressing changes and how genes express themselves over time Enivromental factors such as the food that we eat are known to effect the epigenome cellular material outside genome that dictates how genes express themselves Certain foods can suppress gene expressions that can lead to illness The kind of diet you would want to eat cauliflower caium fava beans grapes green tea 2 cups provides enough polifenols that suppresses breast cancer genes turmeric Event number 2Experimental treatment using gene therapy which has shown improvements for symptoms of parkinsons disease The study for only 45 patients Gene study inserting genes into tissue with hopes of replacing faulty genes or boosting beneficial genes 1
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