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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Lecture 8 : HLTB01H3 National Initiative of the Care of the Elderly ( N I C E ) Final Exams everything(11:15) Stress is worst offender and effects body and mind and laughing is the best medicine Seniors memory lapses can be apart of agism YOUTUBE: Barack has a senior moment States has 51 States Barack said 57 states plus 1.he thinks 58 states Memory can be affected by various conditions: physical and mental -- can be related to other factors like stress and being busy Current event: North American arent getting sleep that they need. And new survey and growing reason for not getting of not sleep is because of computers, laptops, television and other electronic devices an hour before we go to sleep ==> 95% of respondents are using electronic device before going to night. When it comes to late night video gamingkids 13-18 worst offenders reason why people are not getting to sleep on time are because they are engaged and artificial light that is being emitted by electronic devices are over stimulating the brain and not enough melatonin to occur and as a result and leads to difficulty falling asleep an hour before they hit the bed. Dr Charles Samuel ( Centre for sleep,,, in Calgary people are connected for 24 hours a day because of all these electronic devices. 110 people are reporting that they are getting awaken by sleep from phone call, email, txt msg every night or almost every night. Suggestions: turn off electronics after 9:00 - because rely on electronic rely on coffee to get throughout the day and napsleep deprived people reporting that fatigue is affecting mood, social life and work life. Sleep is important for human development at any age. Not having enough sleep can often be confused with memory problems esp. in the elderly. Elderly may not be using electronic devices but there is other reasons ( stress, grief and loss) elder will be given medication that can interfere with ability to sleep. Also chronic conditions that cause pain and interrupt sleep RHEUMATOID ARTHRITISmay have difficulty sleepinghaving problem sleepingbe fatigued and you may think that person has memory problem such as dementia Sleep interruption is prob. Amongst the elderlyFalls are the common cause of injuries and account for many hospitizations in elder. 15 severe admission to hospitals for falls for elderly
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