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Health Studies
Michelle Silver

CANADA'S POPULATION HLTB01 Lecture 2 Pop OVER TIME September-18-12 3:00 PM 35M Cue Column: Note-Taking Area: • Thoughts about aging? ○ Biological ○ Cognitive (memory loss, decline) ○ Emotional aspects • Societies aging 5M • Demographic trends of aging • Canada's population is one of the oldest in the world ○ Developed countries have more 3M • Indicators of health Year • Most countries see increase in life expectancy • Key factor for developing world dramatically decreasing life expectancy: Disease: HIV/AIDS ○ In a century Canada's pop grew about 6 times. • Most # of elderly live in Asia In 1900 older pop was 5% (>65) • Life expectancy Now, close to 13-15% ○ # years cohort expected to live ○ Can define with gender, regions in world, period of time • Less developed regions, life expectancy at birth is about 65 years Sex Mortality • Worldwide, women live longer than man Differential ○ Sex mortality difference Testosterone storm ○ Regions w/ biggest differences:  E. Europe, Baltic states, Asia 3 ○ Female mortality rates lower then men's ○ Premature boy less likely to survive than premature girl • Breast cancer, Alzheimer's, Asthma, Rheumatic fever, pregnancy/childbirth, kidney infections } female more likely to die from 1.5 • Cardio diseases leading cause of death for both sexes ○ Rate of affliction diff with age  Men more earlier than women • Demographers interested in measuring mortality • Infections leading causes of death } developing countries (east, south and central Africa) 0 2-6 20 50 70 100 Aging and Geography AGE • Snowbirds: elderly who move south to be in warmer climates True for Canada and most developing worlds. • Pittsburgh in 2008, more ppl dying; young ppl moving away to find jobs
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