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Lecture 5

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Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Lecture 5 Cognitive functioning and Decline sorry for the bad formatting Nervous system The Brain Age Related changes Disease related procesess Lecture Nervous System Primary regulator provides communication between all of the systems and proved homoeostasis The nervous system is what permits us to voluntarily nmove and it underlies all of our cognitive processes Components of the NS Brain spinal cord and nerves But its more complicated than that Within our Peripheral nervous system we have 2 key systems The Somatic Nervous Systemparticipate in the organisms relationship with its external environment send information to the brain from the bodys various sensory detectors The automatic nervous system more involved in regulating vital internal functions help maintain internal equilibrium by coordinating such activities as digestion respiration blood circulation excretion and the secretion of hormones Responsible for monitoring and controlling blood pressure and digestion respiration and others as well Is further divided into the sympatheticparasympathetic nervous system Spinal cord 18 inches long made up of vertebrae its flexible but some of the vertebrae on the bottom become fused together on their own So Nerves Passes info from brain to everywhere IN case a peripheral nerve becomes crushd theres a chance it may regenerate although its slow Natural regeneration is much less likely in the nerves of the brain and spinal cord The BrainYour brain weighs about 27 pounds or 12 Kilos every minute approx 3 soda cans worth of blood flows through your brain There are 2 hemispheres in the brain left controls right side of body and vice versa Like your genes the brain has many built in ideas that are meant to protect us from damage B
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