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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Michelle Silver

HLTB01 Lecture 3 September-25-12 3:00 PM Cue Column: Note-TakingArea: AGING SIGNS: • Skin ○ Wrinkles obvious sign of aging ○ Can aging of skin be prevented?Some extent, yes ○ Largest organ in body ○ Sensory organ allows us to monitor environment ○ Skin renews aboutevery 30 days;completely replaced ○ Why wrinkle? (makes skin more fragile); Cumulative exposureto sunlight  Skin layer thinning  Collagen fibers lose flexibility  Elastin fibers lose ability for keeping taut  Underlying fat layer (providing insulation)diminishes ○ Disease related processes  Xerosis: dry skin  Pressure Ulcers: can happen if stay in 1 position for too long  SeborrheicKeratoses: hereditary;old-age spots; non-malignant legions ○ Tumours  Malignant(cancerous) □ Can invade nearby tissues □ Can spread(called metastases)  Benign (non-cancerous) □ Not life threatening, removable ○ What is Cancer?  Abnormal cells --> Grow rapidly, Don't die  Cells form mass tissue (growth/tumour), can be cancerous  Can destroy other cells □ Skin cancer most commonform ◊ Carcinoma:cancerbeginning in skin; tissues in line that cover internal organs ◊ Melanoma:occursin melanocytes(cells producingpigments)  Non-melanoma ◊ Basal-cell carcinoma  Most common;doesn't spread  Developsin areas with sun exposure ◊ Squamous-cell carcinoma  Can occurto parts NOT exposed to sunlight  Can spreadto lymph nodesand internal organs  Malignantmelanoma  More rare  Cause majority of deaths in skin cancer ○ Optimalaging  Sun protection  Good nutrition  Not smoking □ Accelerates signs of aging • Musculoskeletal system ○ Hard tissue  Bones □ Made up of:  Corticaltissue ◊ Outer layer ◊ Strong, constantly changing  Trabeculartissue  200 bones, born wit
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