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Lecture 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Michelle Silver

HLTB01 Lecture 7 October-23-12 3:00 PM Cue Column: Note-Taking Area: Sociological Perspectives on Aging • Biomedicine ○ Changes in physio influence understanding ofhealth ○ These changes influencedby age  With age comes changes in physio and health □ Ex. Stress and age • Psychosocial ○ Changes taking place w/in and in between individuals • Socioeconomic-environmental studies ○ Effects of aging on socialstructures  Health care, education (social structures) ○ Look at policy (with regard to income), health care systems etc. ○ Interpretive perspective  Focus on micro level of social life  Grey hair --> wisdom sign or deterioration? □ What's the reaction to it?  Individual creator of social order **  Does not look at social system (macro) □ Look at individuals taking care; not like nurses/doctors etc.  Can't answer how health care policies can change ○ Functionalist perspective  Social order based on cooperation □ all agree  Shared norms/values  Includes social institutions and they adjust accordingly  More aging population,more funding  Implicit assumption: society changes in positive direction and decisions are accurate (HA!) • Life course perspective ○ Understandingold age --> understandwhole life history  Accumulative factors/experiences ○ Life events, transitions are influential ○ Involves: Social, Psychological, Socio-historical,Biological, and processes ○ Time, transitionsshape human development ○ Conflict perspective  Social, structural inequalitiesexperienced in early years leads to disadvantages later □ Feminist theories:  Less pension because worked less; taking care of family; worked part time etc.  Overlooks positive experience □ Marxist perspective:  Managers in workplace view employers as less useful as they age Long Term Care & Health Care • Health care ○ Supportto maintain optimum health  Promotion:prevent disease  Maintenance:take care of body  Hospitalization: if sick  Rehabilitation:if disease/illness really serious  Long-term chronic care: ○ Can thing of as from early to later years  Know about health (p
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