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Lecture 12

Lecture 12

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Most patients are receiving priority procedures in time In 2010, about 98% of Canadians who needed cancer radiation treatment received it within the clinically recommended time frame. But there were variations depending on where they live (Manitoba 100%; NS 85%) Cataract Surgery 83% of Canadians received care within the recommended time frame; 48% in Alberta; 89% in NB Joint replacement better outcome for hip replacement 84% (PEI 90%); knees 79% (Quebec 83%) Bypass surgery 98% for Canadians; equally distributed MRI scans wait times are longer than CT Scans wait times Ontario hospitals are reporting a fear with their budgets they had a demanding flu season; number of ppl who were coming to the emergency rooms may result in low funding for the rest of the year 1 in 10 patients admitted through the emergency dept had to wait longer than 38.5 hour for a bed Flu related hospitalizations in Ontario this year were up to 1000+ compared to 213 last year London waited for 30 hours for a bed
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