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Lecture 2

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Health Studies
Maureen Murney

Lecture 2 in Class NotesIncidence rate the rate at which new cases occur in a given population during a given periodDescribes how quickly disease occurs in a populationIncidence tells us about new casesa change in status from nondisease to disease Eg the current Ebola in AfricaPrevalence rate the proportion of a population with a specific condition new and preexisting cases at a particular point in timePrevalence includes both new cases and people who were sick in the past and still survivePrevalence is important if you want to know about the overall number of people in a population who are surviving the diseaseMorbidity presence of a disease in a given populationMortality the number of deaths in a given population eg maternal mortality rate infant mortality rateThere are sometimes measured as incidence rate or prevalence rate Health equity peoples needs guide the distribution of opportunities for wellbeing Health CanadaYour ability to access health services is guided by need and not something elseHealth inequity a difference or disparity in health outcomes that is systematic avoidable and unjust US Centre for Disease ControlDeterminants of HealthBiology and genetics eg sex ageIndividual behaviour eg diet smoking using substances physical activity unprotected sexSocial environment eg social support network family friends income employment genderdifferent kinds of discriminationPhysical environment eg where you live location housing status proximity to health care services and food outlets and storesHealth services eg having health insurance having access to family doctorsBiological Determinantscombination of GenesExternal agency environmental threat usually preventable such as injuryaccident infection
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