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Lecture 3

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Health Studies
Maureen Murney

Lecture 3 in Class NotesAssignments annotated bibliography and essayDont give a biology paper focus on the child and what kind of experiences they go through with that specific illness eg gender poverty SES etcTodays Learning Objectives1Qualitative and quantitative approaches to research2Genetics and child development mechanisms disorders destiny of heredity3Prenatal development zygote to fetus influences birthApproaches to ResearchChild development researchers usually use of three approachesSystematic observationUsing tasks to sample behaviourDirectly asking children or others for information Eg parents teachersBoth qualitative and quantitative research used in a number of health disciplinesQualitative research involves analysis of words eg spoken narratives pictures eg video or objectsQuantitative research involves analysis of numerical dataQualitative and quantitative researchMixed method specifically blending qualitative and quantitative methodsMultimethod includes more than one methodEg content analysis of interview dataConversation analysis of naturalistic dialogueVisual analysis of videoJanice M Morse 1999 Qualitative Health Research Nurse and primary author of quality research in clinical environmentsReasons for mixedmethod or multimethod designs
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