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Lecture 1 - Intro

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Jason Ramsay

HLTB02 Issues in Child Health Development Lecture 1Jan 1011Check Concord Journals undergrad articlesPrint syllabusEmail course emailCan go to different tutorial section tell TA of conflictNo tutorial this week or next weekOnly 5 tutorial assignment and examTopicsExamine childhood as a cultural institution overview of biopsychosocial child developmentMajor factors that affect child health outcomesExamine environmental factors that influence development Social determinants of healthExamine global health threats to child health and welfareLifestyle longitudinal perspectiveHow to promote resilience in childrenEarly experience affecting later life healthNO midterm exam 2 assignments short 5 page posted next weekAssignment issues passive voice and use of tense proofread write in past tense skeptics persuasive based on evidence reasoningChildhood1Define childhood vs infancyUnlike infancy Childhood is a socialcultural artifactInfancy is biologically determineddriven event with a genetically timed durationChildhood is different It can be longer or shorter depending on several factorsRecent development1Describe the natural history of concept of childhoodDidnt always think of children as we do nowNeil Postman the disappearance of childhoodGreeks had no real word for child in the ancient world They did invent schooling but childrens lives were precariousPlato speaks of disciplining children through Threats and blows like a piece of warped wood ProtagorasLittle concept of child as a category separate from adult in the middle agesThe ancient world picture shows child as older lookingWhat constitutes childhood as a conceptNeil postman the disappearance of childhoodThe concept of shame changed societyBook called Home history of home middle ages living space is communal involved sharingChildren are defined as a class of people who must be sheltered from adult secrets specifically sexual secretsNow try to protect children from certain kinds of information and knowledge like sexual secrets This connects to the general concept of children as a group that requires Special Protection from adultsChildren are defined as a special class of humans human kind different from adults that require special protectionFirst step to having robust concept of child they need protectionRoman Law Protection Early RomeRome AD 374 Law forbiddingpreventing infanticideexposureUntil then the practice was acceptable if the child was deformed female or in some other way undesirableBefore infanticide was common especially for femalesOften used as a form of retroactive birth control before the advent of orphanagesFirst orphanage Italy 1700s
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