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Lecture 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Jason Ramsay

LEC 1 Jan 102011 issues in child health and developmentDifference between childhood and infancy Neil Postman came up with the concept of shame wrote a book about the middle ages where ppl would live together in one room There werent many secrets back then but in todays society we try to protect sexual secrets from childrenHe believed children must be sheltered from adult secrets sexualPearl S Buck book about a Chinese woman Childhood as a cultural artifact Unlike infancy childhood is a socialcultural artifact Infancy is a biologically driven event with a genetically timed duration Childhood is a different story It can be longer or shorter depending upon several factors The Natural History of Childhood Neil Postman The Disappearance of Childhood Greeks had no real world for child in the ancient world They did invent schooling but childrens lives were precariousPlato speaks of disciplining children through Threats and blows like a piece of warped wood Protagoras Little concept of child as a category separate from adult in the Middle Ages What constitutes childhood as a conceptThe concept of SHAMEChildren are defined as a class of people who must be sheltered from adult secrets Specifically sexual secrets This connects to the general concept of children as a group that requires Special Protection from adults Roman Law Protection Rome AD 374 Law forbidding infanticide exposure Until then the practice was acceptable if the child was deformed female or in some other way undesirable Often used as a form of retroactive birth control before the advent of orphanagesThe middle ages Fall of the Roman Empire to the barbarians Postman points out 4 points regarding the middle ages and the concept of the childLiteracy disappears Literacy did not completely disappear Social Literacy disappeared for 1000 years Craft literacy remained monks and noblemen scribes Reading speed even among the literate diminished significantly re calligraphic fonts made letters opaquePedagogy declinesShame disappearsChildhood disappearsliteracy in the middle ages was poor because they werent educated no schools shame disappeared everyone lived together so no secrets or hygiene hence plaques Thus literacy disappeared pedagogy is the study of being a teacher or the process of teaching declines shame disappear causing plagues and childhood disappearsImplications of illiteracy As a result all business affairs were conducted aurally All social interactions were face to face Entertainment was aural minstrels Knowledge acquired by EAR All was talk and song
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