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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Health Studies
Jason Ramsay

thLec 10 March 28 Perspectives on conducting research and interventions in child and maternal health in AfricaAssessing threats to child development from the built environment The skeptics guide AIDS ORPHANS Africa aids orphans CDN played a huge role in aids in Africa CDN man Steven Lewis Avy Lewis father daughter by law in Niaomi Clam 33 million ppl had HIV in Africa Subsaharan Africa123 Million children under the age 15 have lost one or both parents to AIDS Life expectancy in this area has been reduced to 39 years old Parents may give HIV to their children through lateral transmission during delivery through blood etc In Zimbabwe the AIDS epidemic has been affected by the 70 unemployment rate 100 or higher annual inflation no agricultural system anymore takeover and mismanagement of settler owned farms 50 increase in mortality for children under 5 children being left without parents huge crisis ways to prevent HIV give HIV preventable drugs while she is pregnant caz this is the time when AIDs is most likely passed on The virus AIDs denialism exists and has deadly consequences Some ppl believed that ppl shudnt take ANTIvirus drugs because it doesnt wrk Causes death by affecting your immune system If a person doesnt get treatment the disease will progress till death one end system is dementia In the 80s alot of ppl had dementiaWhen Growing up is Hard Growing up in subsaharan Africa is already a difficult proposition There is widespread political strife Lack of adequate medicalprenatal resources Lack of adequate medical resources Lack of nutrition malaria disease Lack of educational resources Of the 2 million children living with Aids in the world 18million are found in Subsaharan Africa Children 15 years estimated to be living with HIV 2007Poor and infected If you are in subsaharan Africa and infected your chance of getting drugs is pretty slim Some govts notably South Africa were VERY slow to recognize that HIV even needed to be treated SA refused to accept that ART was important Other countries denied or underreported the HIV crisis There are still some HIVAIDS Deniers that persist in spreading misinformation about the cause of AIDS eg the virus was never isolated etc Debates amongst faith based vs government funded vs NGO based players about how prevention efforts should be directed eg promoting abstinence vs condom useMen in Africa would not use condoms because they thot if they bought condoms and had sex with a prostitute they thought theyd be coming adultery So they just didnt wear condoms Catholic church until recently was against condom use Sex education makes ppl want to have sex research has says otherwise George Bush put more money into AIDS research but never promoted condom use Politics of HIVAIDS in Africa Some countries dont record death from AIDS due to the stigma Other countries eg Uganda have been very successful in prevention efforts but these efforts can be subject to changes in political climate eg ABC Great difficulty in changing attitudes and beliefs surrounding sexual practice and folk theory of disease In many countries political strife and civil war compromise efforts to deal with the pandemic Why women are more infected Men have to move around more for wrk they usually are miners truckers they usually have sex with prostitutes and then get AIDS Prostitutes have HIV commonly along with guyz in these professions Women are the ones usually looking after the kids since women breast feed HIV is often more prevalent in Women by a large factor research they tried to classify common problems orphans had FOUND just being a kid in Africa was so ruff it was hard to distinguish whether having AIDS really made a difference a PTSD symptoms 1 symptom is a flashback reexperiencing the event like as if your are in it cut off scores PSTD scores b Conclusion self report doesnt yield alot of info The Developmental Crisis We can see from our readings that developmental health is crucial to the present and future economic well being of a country So even if the pandemic resolves what shape are the children going to be in There is very little research that provides anykind of baseline estimate of psychosocial functioning of HIV orphans Without a baseline how can we determine what programsinterventions are
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