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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Comparative Growth Study

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
R Song

Lecture 4Variations in human Growth and DevptJanuary 302012 Comparative growth y biological embedding y variation that results in different morphology y human beings are very diversea lot of variation as primates y variation behind heightswt started of very young y variation we see is phenotypes y in terms of genotypes humans DNA sequence homogenous y humans very small difference999 identical at DNA sequence 01 difference y genotypeDNA seq level of comparison to see patterns of ATCGgenetic blueprint y Phenotypes are the physical manifestation of gene expression of your gene but also your environment y mostly dealing with outsidephenotype y genetic variation by small difference but environment influence eg selection for darker skinnot sun burnt bec they adapt to their environment y in terms of long change over time a lot of i is environmentRwandaTutsitallestHutu and Twashortermake differences in terms of ht Body morphologyrecognize environemtal factors eg Inuit and Africapart of body size is a reflection of adaptations to their environment eg trunkBoginbetween people comparison within a nationSkeletal MeasuresGraphsFigure 51growth patternssvertical patternladino closer to pattern when the pattern happens at that timnot reaching peak htsto understand to see between groups and why this differences existshow growth is extended as opposed to ladino grouppattern follows expected patternhow long the time frame in adolescence and how much htis achievedTable 51dutch americans Japanese university studentsin terms of modern human poppart of it is genetics part of it is long adaptation to env over timeso ht determined by less access to resources foodMayans vs Dutchphysical labormalnutrition worse health care
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