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Lecture 5

Excellent notes for Lecture 5 - Environmental influences

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
R Song

culture as social factors all have interactions must recognize genesBiotic aspects proportion of body relative to another person colder climatebody largerlonger arms in hot climate and shorter arms and torso in cold climate with improve nutrition this assoc relative to body and size is weakernutrition to increase peoples sizevariation based on genetic or increase nutrition tends to increase leg a better nourished inuit have slightly longer legs5 things to know if we think about environmentliving in cold climate put stress in growthCold living in cold climate put stress in growth to reduce heat lossfat as oppose to growth Altitude higher than sea level affecting rate of growth and development because of reduced oxygen in env great risk of radiation cold etc 2 major stressors are cold and hypoxiaHypoxia cold and heat can tolerate but not hypoxia most severe climatic stresscannot easily cope reduced oxygeRBCs less saturatedlow birth weight reduced length at birth maturing a lot later in terms of muscle growth maturing a lot later in terms of muscle growth low altitude regions of same countries have the worst health EthiopiaMalariamosquito wants warm moist to live in while hypoxia can play a role it is synergistic relationship hypoxia exist in social context hypoxia play role in poor living conditions so we have to think about combination of these factorssynergistic relationshipinteracting with each other not just hypoxiaQuiz 1 Which statement is incorrect with respect to hypoxia and kids living in high altitude a It can result to delayed growth b Birth wt has been observed to be low c Growth period can be prolonged d Can be overcome by behavioral modifications
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