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Lecture 8

Lecture 8: Nutrition, Growth and Long-Term Consequences II

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Health Studies
R Song

Nutrition Growth and LongTerm Consequences IIHLTB02BehaviouralIntellectual ConsequencesReduced activity disengagedno energy to interact with peersbehaviours of family members lead to smothering the child from doing anything because these children are poor and cant do what other children canlimited social exposure for the child Intellectual performance depends on many factors suggested by Brown and Pollitt 1996lower expectations of malnourished childrenchildren are more lethargic behavioural issues perception issues and behavioural issuesPoverty Malnutrition and Child Neglectchild neglect and abuse as a consequence of malnutritionex Brazil Favelasdichotomy between the very rich and the very poorfavelas ghettosvery dense and populated yet urban and large in sizemalnutrition leads to a larger cultural consequence and how they perceive a childrenbrazilian mothers nurtured those children who they thought would live and contribute to their lives and neglected the other onesreaction to the environment of high infant mortality infantmaternal bond is delayed in detachmentdefensive mechanism not to love a child unless they are sure that they will live till then children are not perceived as human did not baptize children till they were olderethnoeuge
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