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Lecture 8

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Health Studies
R Song

Nutrition Growth and LongTerm Consequences IIhow nutrition affects societydietary quality has behavioral consequencesaffect child socialization child context in social env clear connections with behavior and dietary qualities verbalizationbehavioral issue reduced activity is a conseq of malnutrition that can impair intellectual performance 2 no way to interact 3 malnourish protected more by motherundernourishedcan have negative conseq limiting interaction involved in activitiesthat can stimulate brain developmentperformance affected by malnutrition expectation in child if malnourishedappears younger than you are spheres of influencePoverty malnutrition and child neglect how adults and members of society perceive children1 child neglectmalnourished and under nourished in risk of great neglectfavelasneighborhoodgettos surround agricultural production assoc with sugar cane mfavelas assoc withplantationeg mother child picture in article 123 a child die today or 2mos Oldeg mother child picture in article 123 a child die today or 2mos Oldhow society perceives human bodies women used in dying childrenhigh infant mortality nurture infants who have high chance of livingfocus in mothers childtcare high infant mortality because of 1 synergismnutrition and morbiditymaternal neglect
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