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Lecture 11

Lecture 11: autism lecture notes.docx

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R Song

Continuation of HIVsocial implications of HIV have to do with number of AIDS orphansraised by extended family and have lived with parent dying conseq affect psycho social developmentPTSDsyndrome that is conseq of stressful event differentiated in normal stress response but PTSD is chronic chronic form of is PTSD conseq on lack of friendshipstrust or not affect education and future employment opportunities physiological development affectedStigma and HIV social conseq of stigma or HIVhow stigma overrun societycross cultural phenomenon cultureal construct social construct in terms of shunning the children awaysocioeconomic gradient not just stigmaMSLfurther stressses children bec their ethnic group orphans sex and seseducational programs play in filmpresent message that is more relateable and communicate to audience eg paper plane reaching out to people can be perceived as living not seen as sick intervention in maintaining health Proximatestigmastructural violence in society reduce stigmaaddressing things stigma issue of mothers reducing burden in mothers screen women give antiretroiral drug family relation ship with father and motherbrain damage in utero spectrum varying disparityspectrum asperger normal but some behaviors Ret syndrome CDDrare PDDatypical autismneurological conditionimpairment something happen infancy or after as young humans exposed towhere in brain the disorder result ofregresslosing abilityof milestones of child developmenttalk or walk majority of behaviors as sweet of traitsnot 15 traits wide range of behaviorsbut in terms of diagnosis a lot of things combined as opposed to fewbeyond symptoms societal perception of disease
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