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Lecture 6

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Health Studies
R Song

HLTB02lecture 6 environmental factormediated by exposure to pollutants social factors interacts with population geneticsproximate micro effects stunted growth etc ultimate points to larger socialpoliticaleconomic factors macro structure social determinants of health and development upstream determinants ultimate factors eg malaria environmental change economic inequality political economy health care systems global health care research macro factors global factors structural violence causing detrimental effect on certain areas of population racism sexism social class innately apart of society exerted systematically by everyone allows social inequality to existWHO influences beyond the child residential and community that affect growth and development there are clear guidelines for government to follow key messages read slideschild labour involved in hazardous work pollutants respiratory disease severe injuries working without protection gender disparity boysgirls both used in child labour globally affects growth and development UN convention on the rights of the child 4 essential principles that must be followed to protect children good guidelines available b
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