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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
R Song

HLTB02 lecture 3 Evolution of human growth and development what triggered the evo of modern human heterochrony became modern humans when preexisting lifestages were altered by neoteny or hypermorphosisBogin argue against heterochronyinstead of alteration an insertion of new life stages chidhoodHeHe2Hs larger skull larger brain longer period of growth and development childhood born with max 450 cc anything abovegrowth Australopithecines Lucy 400500 cc no childhood yet brain size very small could be given at birth Early homo habilis and erectus erectus period when childhood was selected for adaptive advantagechildhood unique to humans infancy decrease lower period of breastfeedhave more kids higher lifetime fertility advantageous to early ancestors that was selected for why childhood brain growth acquisition of technical skills increased time for socializationchildhood functions why develop childhood in modern h
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