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Lecture 4

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Health Studies
R Song

HLTB02lecture 4 variation in human growth and development human beings are very diverse height physiological growth between ethnic groups within ethnic groups etc variations start in childhood humans are 999 genetically identical at DNA sequence level 01 different genotype genetic makeup of person phenotype expression of gene and environment physical attributes eg light vs dark skin evo selection for light skin in less sunlight better intake of vitamin D evo selection for dark skin in more sunlight less likely to get sunburnedbody types shortstalkyadaptive to cold temperature more fat for warmth longleanadaptive to hot temperature give off heat more less fat insulation more sweat LT adaptation to climatecomparative growth normal v abnormal skeletal measures dental body composition sexual maturationskeletal measures heightproportions Bogin 1 average for humans variation in xy axis Bogin 2 differences between groups low SES have extended growth period and not reaching full height variation due to environment and genetics culture disease education health care Bogin 2 Guatemala children are malno
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