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Lecture 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Jason Ramsay

HLTB02- Week 1- Jan 1011 In this lecture : 1). Define childhood, infancy 2). Describe the natural history of childhood 3). Talk about where we are now, globally with respect to childhood 4) How this impacts the global health of children Infant = biologically determined Childhood= varies in time, Greek had no definition o The concept of shame changed society Home book middle ages o Everyone ate and slept in the same room o No chairs or own rooms o Everything was communial o Not a lot of secrets or privacy We are trying to protect children from certain information eg. Sex o Children are special class of human China- killing female babies First orphanage Italy, 1700s o First all females o Used to throw babies in the water o Rich women could leave them in the footsteps of the orphanage Looks like charity when they went to visit their child Adult by age 7 because literacy o if you could sp
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