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Lecture 2

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Health Studies
Jason Ramsay

Lecture 2 Jan 1811- The Ecological model of child development - Three approaches to understanding development: o Jean Piaget o Lev Vygotsky Some claim to be opposite of Piaget o Bowlby and Attachment Theory - Will outline Bronfenbrenners Ecological approach to understanding child development, which is best suited tour project of linking macro variables to child outcomes. - Tiger mom = Asian mom who was very strict on her children - Mormon mothers = highest rate of anti-depressants, expect to marry young and have multiple children, cant work outside of home even with university education Jean Piaget - Swiss philosopher- scientist o Never associated himself with psychology - The most influential development psychologist o Freud as well, but mostly with adults o Piaget talked mainly to his own children o All this theory are testable and proven with certain modification, cant make the same claims with Freud - Believed in genetic epistemology as an approach to understanding development - Thought that children were little thought-sacks - Did research in the nature of childhood, now research is based on individual bases - Theory of mind = ego-centralism o He believed X because he thought Y o State of mind
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